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The Empire State Building Tragedy

Friday, August 24th, 2012

As I heard about the shooting at the Empire State building this morning, I started trying to count these tragedies since the Virginia Tech shooting just a few years ago. I was shocked to learn that there have been too many for me to remember them all. As I grieved for the lives lost and though about the families of those who died I wondered what can be done to prevent such tragedies.

I came to the conclusion that such events cannot be prevented without giving up that which makes us America, the greatest nation in the world. The tragedy could only be minimized. An old Bob Dylan song came to mind and I thought of new lyrics to it.

How many deaths will it take, Before we Understand
The answer is not written in the sand
How many lives must we loose
Before we figure out what to choose
How many of our friends must die
Before we stop believing the lie.

The more I thought about the tragedies, the more I came to the conclusion that our founding fathers had it right, and our government today does not. Our founding fathers got it right that the best way for the people to protect themselves is to be prepared and armed. The only entity that needs to fear an armed people are those who wish to harm them such as those who commit such autocracies.

Had there been just one armed person in the presence of the madman perpetuating the massacre, that one person could have minimized the impact. Before I go further, I have to admit that while I do not own any guns, and never have, I would feel infinitely more safe in the company of those who have one and know how to use it.

Our government is promoting gun control, but look at the facts.
1. By a vast overwhelming majority, Americans are honest hard working, law abiding people who will do their best to protect those around them, not harm them.
2. Limiting access to or banning guns with private citizens will only affect those Americans who never would use a gun to harm another person. Criminals will not care about such laws because THEY ARE CRIMINALS and do not care about the law.
3. Government resources cannot act fast enough to prevent such tragedies as the numerous events have shown.
4. The only way that these events could have been minimized is by a person at the event with a gun who knew how to use it. That person could have taken down the madman and saved countless lives.

I think that it is time to re-think gun control. What we need instead is gun training. As I said earlier the only reason the anyone would fear an armed nation is if they are planning on doing something against us such as those who commit such attacks.