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The New York Mosque – They have the right to build it, but should not

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

Imam Musri has the full right to build the Mosque near ground zero, if it complies with all local building and zoning laws, and no exceptions or changes are needed. But it would not be a good idea to build it in its current form. It is the duty of every organization to be a good neighbor, and the Mosque is no exception. With such strong feelings of such a horrific event in our recent past caused by a tiny section of the sect that the Imam belongs to, he should not force himself on his neighbors. If he really wants to go ahead, he should also along with the Mosque build a memorial to 9/11 for all Americans to show that this is a Mosque dedicated by those who strongly condemn that act. Imam Musri has has a right to build his Mosque, and Pastor Jones has a right to burn the Koran. Pastor Jones has shown courtesy to Muslims by deciding not to enforce his right to burn the Koran, and I hope that Imam Musri will show the same courtesy to Americans by not building his Mosque.

I am also shocked at those who have been elected to lead our country. Instead of leading, they are following the requests of others. Instead of protecting our rights and our Constitution as they have taken an oath to do, they are telling Americans to not exercise their rights to appease those who do not care for our way of life. Whether the Mosque is built or not, it should be decided by our laws and our people, not by threats of others. The threats of violence are motivated by a few leaders. I am confident that most of the people there want nothing more then to go about their daily work and come home safely at night to their family.

If we listen to them now, where will it stop? What will their next demand be? Will they demand under thread of violence that the US become a Muslim Nation? Will they ask that the President hand over his authority to an Imam? If we give in now, they will demand again and again and more aggressively with each demand. The only response to this threat of violence should be that we will defend ourselves with a shoot to kill order if they attack Americans. If the terrorist leaders want blood, they will get it one way or other, we should not change ourselves because of it.

September 11 and the end of the first decade of the Twenty First Century.

Friday, September 10th, 2010

As we get ready to commemorate the infamous day that started the twenty first century, I look back at how our country has progressed in the past decade. I look back and am not happy with what I see. It appears to me that the terrorists are winning, not by their effort, buy by our our own. We are not standing up to them, but letting them dictate what we do and how we behave. Our response appears to be to become more like them.

Our country, which has been so successful due to its love of mankind has learned hate. The respect that we had for ideas and beliefs of others has turned to hatred. The tolerance we had for the differences of others has turned to anger. Even religious organizations, whose main reason for being should be for love of mankind is not exempt.

In one location we have a religious organization that wants to build a temple at a site that was desecrated by their peers. At another an organization wants to burn a symbol that is dear to the heart of of those that they do not agree with.

Now both of these organizations have the full right to do what they want, and any American who thinks otherwise should be thankful that those before them did not agree with them. For if they had, then this question would be moot today. Neither would have that right, and we would not be the free people we are.

At the same time, neither should do what they plan to do either. Not because they do not have the right, but because it is not right. We should learn to live together in harmony, not try to push our those around us to see how far they can be pushed. Our rights are fragile privileges to be protected not tested. They should be used to the benefit of mankind, not to test to which extreme we can take them.

I am also discouraged by our apparent lack of will to stand up for ourselves. We are letting other nations dictate what we do and how we behave. Who are they, to tell us, a free nation what they want us to do. We should not listen to them, but do what is right and in our best interest. We should learn to put our interests first.