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Obama’s Health Care – Damaging to our Health and our Nation

Monday, July 20th, 2009

I have been keeping quite to give President Obama a chance. I have kept quite over the many mistakes he has made, because everyone makes mistakes, and he is allowed to make a few as well. I have kept quite over the inane comments he has made because everyone says something stupid every day. But in his health care plan, he has gone too far in working to destroy our country, and I can keep quite no longer about it.

His plan will do nothing to control costs. The government is not in the business of doing things efficiently. Their business is to do what needs to be done that private industry cannot and will not do due to cost or scale. If the government takes over health care, costs will rise substantially aided by government inefficiencies. On top of that quality will go down. We will have the problems with health care that we currently have with the DMV or the Social Security Office. Everyone will suffer as they now do, and the poor more so. Imagine the pain at the unemployment office or the DMV where they all go, and imagine getting healthcare the same way, but with greater crowds because they will need health care more often then they need to visit the unemployment office or the DMV.

President Obama says that the system is broken, and he is right, but that is easy to fix. He complains about long forms, but those forms are mandated due to government requirements that he is welcome to help eliminate.

As the health care system currently stands, the un-insured are subsidizing the insurance companies. President Obama can easily fix this without disagreement from any one. He only has to pass legislation making it illegal to charge more from the un-insured then the lowest negotiated rates with the insurance companies. Medical service providers are making a profit on that, so there is no reason to charge the un-insured more. He can pass legislation that makes forms longer then one page in large, legible font with sufficient space to fill out answers in normal handwriting. He can pass legislation making medical expenses tax deductible from the first dollar without the need to itemize.

If President Obama is serious about health care, he would do something around those lines. From personal experience, making it illegal to charge the un-insured more then the lowest negotiated rates, will cut costs 50-60%.  Making them tax deductible from the first dollar will cut that almost another 30-40%. This would make the cost for the un-insured around 20% of what they currently have to pay with no loss of quality of healthcare.

Instead, he is working towards reducing quality of healthcare for all. The first thing that the government does when they start realizing the expense they are making is to reduce benefits. Look at the reduction in Social security, and at a higher age then those in earlier generations have had. He talks about higher taxes for those at higher income levels to cover those expenses. But look at AMT which is affecting more and more Americans every day. Average middle class Americans. If this bill passes, within a few short years, you will be covered by it if you work.

Not only will we all pay more for less, but have to wait in long lines and suffer other indignities to get what we should be entitled to. This is not an America I want for our children. This is not a country our forefathers gave their lives for. This is something we need to fight against to get a healthcare bill that will truly be a bill for everyone.

Neeraj Nigam